Single Serving Filter Paper Tea Bag Packing Machine with Thread and Tag

Product ID: C12A

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//Brief Introduction: //
1) Automatic multi function packaging forming machine;
2)Single Serving tea bag with thread and tag;
3)Suitable for all kinds of loose tea leaf and other ground drinking granules;
4)Simple and Cheap;
5)All-round process: filing, weighting, bag forming, sealing, cutting and counting etc.

//Application: //
It is suitable for tea bag products packing, such as Chinese local tea leaves, coffee, medicinal tea, herbal tea, flower tea and health care tea, etc.

//Features: //
1.This can automatically complete bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, thread feeding, tag attaching, cutting and counting etc. It would highly improve the working efficiency and reduce labor expense.

//Technical data: //
Packing material: Filter paper, Thread, Tag
Measuring: Measuring cup filler
Filling range: About 1.5-5g or 3-15ml broken tea
Packing speed: 30~60 bags/min
Bag Size: L:50~75mm , W:50~75mm
Tag Size: L: 18-23mm, W: 28mm
Power supply: 220V, 50HZ, 1.6KW
  • ISO9001:2008
  • CE

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