2.4G Wireless Microphone for Teachers ST-01 /wireless headset microphone-SINGDEN

Product ID: ST-01

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The 2.4G wireless microphones for teachers developed specifically for the education industry, 2.4G wireless transmission technology. Using the ID code of encrypted digital transmission technology, modulation/demodulation process using the full digital. Perfect exterior design, humane ways to wear, good acoustic sound transmission, with a clear voice, strong anti-interference, versatility; completely solve the traditional wireless microphone channeling frequency interference. The patented neck wear way, the complete liberation teachers hands, 50 g weight, convenient to wear for a long time, intelligent power switch, avoid complicated operations, a unique program designed to completely solve the teacher forgets to turn off the microphone resulting string sound, sound transmission problems.

Product Features:

1. Small size and light weight: only 50g include battery. Convenient to carry, both clean and hygienic and does not require special management. This is the most

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