Elevator counter weight

Elevator counter weight

China factory direct OEM high quality iron cast elevator counter weight with black painting

Product ID: SP-CL000002

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Elevator cast iron counterweight also known as weight balance system,The systems main function is relatively balanced elevator car weight.it can make the elevator car and the weight difference of counterweight keep within the limits when the elevator running.Ensure that the elevator traction drive is normal

Shengping has been manufacturing various types of elevator counterweight block in big volume every year as follows:
1. Our Main Counter Weight Block includes:
    1) Cast Iron Block(hot products)
    2) Compound Counterweight (main products)
    3) Steel Plate Counterweight
2.Customization is available and surface sprayed with antirust paint(black, yellow, red).
   If your dimension is difference with ours, please provides your drawings

Product Description

Material Cast Iron,Compound,steel plate,cement
Process Molding-cast-machining-surface treatment
Size/Weight As drawing
Surface treatment Sprayed with antirust paint (black, yellow, red)
MOQ 10 tons/pcs
  • ISO
  • CE

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