Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh Fence

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Stainless steel welded wire mesh is very popular to be made into fence. Stainless steel welded fence is extensively used in our daily life, such as security windows, porch fence, channel fence, plant fence or tree guards, safety barriers, security fencing for machine and equipment. Among all the materials of welded fence, stainless steel wire mesh is the best choice. Because of its natural advantages, like corrosion resistance, rust resistance, good strength, beautiful surface, which contribute a lot to its function in fence. The other materials like iron fence, galvanized welded wire mesh fence, PVC coated welded wire mesh fence and alloy welded wire mesh, however, none of these kinds of fence can compared with stainless steel welded fence almost. So if you need a fence now, stainless steel welded fence is a good choice.

At view area, the deck fencing framework is wood, the rest is stainless steel welded mesh.If you have any need to please contact us via

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