Filler Master batch

Filler Master batch

Best Price Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatch

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Calcium plastic filler masterbatch for blowing film

SLPLAS®CC05 Normal filler masterbatch is specially designed to portly replace recycled HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP. It works by Dispersion technologies to modified powders to keep the same performance with Polyethylene.

This leads to the following benefits:

-Reduced the overall material cost.

-Up to 60% addition rate on PE matrial.

-No any dark spot on products surface.

-Low water content by itself.


The nomal addition level can be 10-60%, depending on the kinds of plastic material and requirement.

-Recycled PE Rubbish bag can be added 10-60%.

-Fresh HDPE T-Shirt Bag can be added 20%

-Recycled PE market Bag can be added 20-40%

-HDPE curtain coating film and sheet can be added 10-70%.

-HDPE/PP Injection molding products can be added 20-50%

-PP sheet can be added 20-50%
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