Folding Bottle

Folding Bottle

Folding Plastic Container

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Have you ever seen a unique beverage bottle that is low-cost, multi-functional and practical? It is truly mysterious if you have not seen it.

The key point is set on the bottle cap. Even if you squeeze the bottle, there won’t be a single drop of contents leaking. But as your lip touches the water outlet of the bottle, the contents freely flow into your mouth. The contents stop flowing once you stop touching the water outlet, which keeps the contents clean and fresh.

More than a bottle, jug, barrel, etc.,this product is non-spill when being knocked over or squeezed. What’s more amazing is that it can be folded as thin as a piece of paper, which not only significantly saves transportation and storage costs but also manufacturing costs.

This product is suitable for the containers of beverage, wine, chemical, sauce and washing products.

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