Mobile Heads Saddle Hole NC Cutting Machine-MAK

Product ID: MAK-15,MAK-16,MAK-17

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MAK series mobile head pipe cutting machines are upgraded portable saddle hole cutting machines with multi-functions.They could cut larger holes on the pipe head and pipes in multi-orientations to achieve a satisfied cutting solution.This series cutting machines represent the highest cutting skills in pipe cutting filed.

Smoothly,accurately cut and bevel .
Light and portable for more occasions working .
Positioning by laser to achieve precise cutting process .
With remote controller,highly intelligent but simple to operate .
With magnet base,easy to install and removal by only one man .
Build-in program system in the controller,no need tie in with CAD skill .
Cutting methods could be flame cutting, plasma cutting and water jet cutting .
Able to cut pipes with spherical head & torispherical head & spherically dished head
Easy to cut orthogonal or eccentric holes on pipes with stainless steel or carbon steel materials
Meet saddle hole cutting of heads in the national
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