30W CO2 laser marking mchine

30W CO2 laser marking mchine

30W CO2 laser marking machine from Shenzhen China

Product ID: BX- CO2-30

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Material Application: High-performance optical transmission systems plus excellent optical mode so that the machine can be carved, marking almost all non-metal materials, such as: marble, wood, glass, leather, textiles, paper, plastics (acrylic, cellulose acetate, synthetic fibers , PE, PT, PVC) and other materials. Good optical quality also brings an important performance, can be labeled as on the metal surface coating: anodized aluminum material, while the machine can also cut on thin materials such as paper, leather and textiles.
Industry Application: Widely used in products surface markings, security tags, bar codes, date codes and other laws transform mass tag because its permanent marker, and environmental performance has gradually replaced the traditional ink-jet printing. Widely used in drugs, food packaging, cigarette a code, liquor industry, mineral water, cosmetics, wire and cable, pipeline construction and other metal or non-metal products.

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