ruyan fusion splicer ry-f600

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1. New motor driver, six shaft drive, make the machine more rapid, accurate and stable
2. A new optical fiber fixture design, make the fiber positioning more accurate and more
3. 5.1 -inch color LCD display, provide high-definition digital image display
4.Super optical magnification of 310 times, fiber core can be clearly seen
5. X axis and Y axis, according to independent or X/Y axis shows at the same time
6. Multiple mode of core: fiber core alignment, cladding alignment
7. 8 seconds welding time, heating time 28 seconds
8. Using full digital processing technology, pure digital welding machine, automatic focusing function
9. USB data interface
11. Mould adopts advanced double color molding plastic process with shockproof, prevent fall protection coat, greatly enhance the shock protection function
12. New soft rubber sheath wind cover, beautiful and easy, dustproof, windproof function stronger
13. Simple and fluent interface, menu design humanization an

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