Brand New Amphibious Excavators

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Brand New Amphibious Excavators
1.1 Brief Introduction

Amphibious Marsh Equipments are designed specially to meet the challenges of wetlands and soft-terrain by combining buoyancy with the maneuverability of a tracked vehicle. The most popular product is Amphibious Excavator, which is also named as Swamp Excavator, Swamp Backhoe, Marsh Buggy Excavator, Marsh Buggies, Amphibians, Amphibia Excavator, Dredging Excavator, Floating Backhoe, Marsh Excavator, Pontoon Excavator, Mud Buggy, Swamp Buggy Excavator or Swamp buggies etc.

On a conventional tracked vehicle, the tracks run on wheels and exert a high ground pressure. Without buoyancy, the machines will not operate in conditions that are unable to support the weight of the machine, as open water, marshes, swamps, or other soft terrains.

Different from the conventional undercarriage of the construction machinery, the undercarriage of an amphibious excavator or marsh buggy is built on two large steel pontoons with the tracks mou

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