Biometric Fingerprint Sensor Module for Access Control Lock

Product ID: CAMA-SM25

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CAMA-SM25 Optical fingerprint sensor module is an OEM fingerprint module sensor for secondary development which has integrated fingerprint sensor and processor chip together. It has features of small size, low power consumption, simple ports, high reliability, small fingerprint template (496bytes), large fingerprint capacity, etc. It is very easy to be embedded to biometric identification system for realizing customers required fingerprint applications.

1. 360 Degree Verification
2. Touch sense activation function
3. 1:N verification and 1:1 identification function
4. Auto-learning function of the fingerprint features
5. Able to set baud rate and equipment Number
6. Access to standby situation by instruction control module


Fingerprint safe, Fingerprint door lock, Simple door access control system, Fingerprint chip manufacturers, Fingerprint algorithm vendors.

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