FRP lighting sheet equipment

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FRP Lighting Sheet Equipment
Installation Size :50/60*2.6*3.5 m (L*W*H)
Production Range : Corrugated or flat FRP lighting sheet,dust controlling sheet,colored sheet and antiseptic sheet of different colors.
Installed Power :60KW - 110KW
Required Power:30KW-60KW
Production Efficiency :2-8m/min
Equipment Performance:
1.Production Speed :1-8m/min
2.Able to produce FRP sheet with a thickness of 0.2-4.0 mm
3.Glass fiber yarn can be used for production to save cost and increase transmittance. Less manpower is required due to automatic control and it’s easy to operate.
4.Sheets of different shapes can be produced with the change of molds.
5.Wave height will be under 130mm.
7.Materials: unsaturated ployester resin, fiberglass chopped strand mat,glass fiber roving,BOPET film,pigment,curing agent and accelerator.
8.Application :industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, shelters, gardens, agricultural greenhouses, corridors and canopies.

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