Multi-Axes CNC Controllers

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1. 20x4 alphanumeric LCD to display status and settings.
2. Menus are easy to use and smooth navigation.
3. 12 buffered outputs for step (5 outputs), direction (4 outputs) to interface with stepper drives and spindle control (2 outputs- step and direction).
4. Low Jitter 150 KHz pulse rate on each axis.
5. Independent or coordinated move options.
6. Inputs for Limit and Home switches (or sensors).
7. Emergency stop input from handheld pendant.
8. Feed override option (Feed and speed override).
9. Jogging via inbuilt keypad.
10. Interpolation function-linear, arc and helical.
11. Tool offset option (auto tool offset measurement).
12. G-code “check” option (Dry Run) and program limit check function.

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