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Certification: ISO 14236, ISO 9001.
Material: Emotional pp material.
Work pressure: Max work pressure is 2.5mpa. Through improving the material, enhanced the bite force of interface, greatly improving the compressive strength, and the pressure standard is 2.5MPa.
Durable years: 8~10 year.
Attribute: Oil resistand, acid resistand, alkali resistant, high temperature resistant +80℃, low temperature resistance -40℃.Be able to apply to bad weather or environments such as thermal expansion and contraction, vibration caused by the stretching, so that the pipe can be closely coupled with the pipe, does not leak.
Suitable pipe: Our compression fitting fit all kinds of pipes, such as PP-R pipe, PVC pipe, copper pipe and iron pipe etc.
Product usage: Our product widely used in drinking water supply and drainage, domestic water supply and drainage, irrigation.
Order details:
Production capacity>100000/month.
Min order: >500.
Payment: FOB,TT, L/C.
  • ISO 14236
  • ISO 9001

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