TY Series Turbine Oil Purification Machine

Product ID: Purifier 6

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Flow: 600~18000L/H
Working Pressure:0-0.4 Mpa
Usage: Lubricant Oil
Voltage: 380v 50hz
Power(W): 38~147KW
Dimension(L*W*H): Depends on model
Weight: 350-750kg
Type: Lubricating Oil Purifier
Color: As required
Function: Breaking emulsion, dehydration and degassing Vacuum degree: -0.06 ~- 0.095Mpa
Temperature degree: 0~100℃
Power supply: 3Phase, 380V, 50Hz(as needed)
Moisture content: 0-50 PPM
Impurity size: 0-1um
Gas content: 0-0.1%
TY adopts technique of gravity settlement, coalescence-separation, absorbing, centrifugal separation, pressure filtering etc. It has great ability of breaking emulsion, dehydration, degassing and removing solid particulates and other impurities from oil. It is an ideal equipment to treat turbine oil, low viscosity lubricating oil and hydraulic oil on- line.
TY semi-automatic turbine oil purifier,
TY-A automatic turbine oil purifier
TY-Ex Ex anti-explosion turbine oil purifier for different requirements and working conditions.

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