stainless steel solar powered DC hot water pump

Product ID: TD5

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Max Flow Rate: 20LPM / 5.3GPM
Max Static Lift: 4.5M/14.5
Rated Voltage: 17V
Impeller Type: Half-Closed impeller
Power Consumption : 5W 10W 15W 25W
Liquid Temperature: 0-110°C

■ Overview

Product description
● Directly connects to photovoltaic panel, start-up power requires less than 2 Watt
● Ideal 5W, 10W, 15W, 25W power consumption optional for different sizes SWH systems
● The exclusive food grade stainless steel solar DC hot water pump,keep far away Plumb danger
more safe, protect your families health
●Operates on safe DC power, you will not expose yourself to hazardous grid power voltage
●High efficient ECM brushless DC motor, ideal long life time30000 hours
●Advanced magnetic drive technology for static-seal, without any leakage for ever
●Can run with hot water (230° F) and at high pressure(145 Psi)

Economic and powerful, high efficient
Compact design, easy installation
No plumb exudation, more safe
Can sustain continua
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • ISO9001

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