Brushless mini DC coffee maker/ water dispenser pump

Product ID: TL-A03

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Max Flow Rate: 2.75L/MIN (165L/H)
Max Static Lift: 1.5 M
Rated Voltage: 6V 12V
Impeller Type: Closed impeller
Food Grade(Y/N): Y
Liquid Temperature: 0-100°C

■ Overview

Our TL-A series design features micro centrifugal pumps powered by brushless DC motors. They are designed to be quiet, compact and lightweight. A variety of features, including a seal-less design to prevent leakage, wide range of working voltage, stable performance, long life time, food grade material, high-temperature resistance.

● Its compact design, quiet and powerful brushless motor make it ideally suited for heavy duty where space is at a premium
● High efficient ECM brushless DC motor, ideal long life time 30000 hours.
● Advanced magnetic drive technology for static-seal, without any leakage for ever.
● High density ceramic bearing and shaft designed for long life and high temperature endure.
● Highly efficient and dynamically balanced impeller for smooth ult
  • ISO9001
  • FDA
  • CE
  • ROHS

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