interpreter booths

interpreter booths

Tourgo light-weight Portable Interpreter Booths for Simultaneous Translation


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The full-size Tourgo translation booths meet the highest ISO standards and requirements. The wall panels are interchangeable, giving flexibility for any type of room configuration. Booths can also be extended to accommodate additional interpreters simply by adding panels.

Every effort has been made in the design of the booths to provide a comfortable and professional environment for the interpreters. Ventilation systems, sufficient work space and outlets for lighting, power and cabling are some of the design features included to improve the interpreters otherwise challenging work conditions.

Portable booth for simultaneous interpretation
Standard for 2 persons, optionally extendable to 3 or 4 persons
Designed to ISO-4043 standard
13 wall panels, 2 roof elements, 2 floor elements and table
Optional ventilation system-removable or permanently fixed
Weight in ATA flight case 670 lbs
  • ISO 4043

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