API 5D drill pipe

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Tianjin drliprl oil country tubular goods co., ltd. is a professional production and sales of manufacturers of high strength drill pipe, drill pipe, drill pipe short coat.
Drill pipe production specifications: 2-3/8, 3-1/2, 4, 4-1/2, 5, 5-1/2, 6-5/8".
Steel grade: E75, X95, G105, S135.
1, performance and advantages: the tube end of the rod is used inside and outside the thickening type, the maximum can drill 4500 meters deep, joint thread using phosphating or plating steel processing;
Product use: 2, downhole drilling operations, extended footage;
3, after sale service: can be delivered to the door, tracking service;
4, packing: steel strapping, plate pressing;
5, annual supply: 200 thousand tons.
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