L8013Cr martensitic stainless steel tube

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Material: l-80 origin / factory: days of warehouse: Tianjin
Specification: 25*2.5, 38*3.5, 48*4, 76*4, 89*4.5, 108*4.5, 133*4.5, 159*6, 168*8, 219*6, 273*7, 325*8, 377*10, 426*12 weight: weighing grade: 13CR
L8013Cr martensitic stainless steel tube, is representative of the product Wet CO2 environment using the oil tube (casing and tubing specification), because of its excellent corrosion resistance to CO2, the cost is relatively high, corrosion resistant material with promising oil.
The steel pipe has good resistance to carbon dioxide corrosion resistance, good resistance to seawater corrosion to become the marine oil and gas production in the commonly used steel. (L80-13Cr) steel is mainly used for pipe and oil pipe with seamless steel pipe.
The production process of strict temperature requirements: quenching 980-1000, tempering 700 can
Commonly used in the domestic brand is generally 1Cr13, 2Cr13 and 3Cr13 stainless steel, to fill the gaps in the domestic need to import.
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