casing pup joint

casing pup joint

API 5CT oil casing and tubing pup joint

Product ID: dalipu004

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Product specifications: 1.315\-20\
Commonly used in steel grade: J55, K55, N80-1, N80-Q, L80, P110, Q125,13Cr-80,13Cr-110, super 13Cr, etc..
Thread: NUE, EUE, SC, LTC, BTC. and VAM series, HYD, JFE, Hunting etc..
Surface treatment: use phosphating or blackening treatment, then coated with paint.
Packing: wooden box, pallet / steel strapping / fixed steel frame, or according to customer requirements by other packaging.
Processing length: 2FT, 3FT, 4FT, 5FT, 6FT, 8FT, 10FT, 12FT, 15FT, 20FT /0.3 -6 meters.
End form: X PIN PIN (double male short connect), X BOX PIN (one male and one female finished short), can also be processed according to customer or according to the drawing.
Packing method: steel strip packing or pallet packing.
  • CQM-00-2014-0088-0001

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