16 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model, 3G 4G WiFi Signal detector with Cooling Fan

Product ID: CPJX16

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16 Antennas Low Band All Bands up to 50m Model, 3G 4G WiFi GPS Signal detector with Cooling Fan,CPJX16

One of our the best desktop models with 16 antennas and range up to 50m that jamm all Low bands 130-500Mhz ,
all types of Android phones,Tablets, Smart Phones, iPhones, VHF, UHF, GPS and remote control signals
from various devices such as rc cars, rc boats, alarms, wireless sensors, amateur or professional remotely controlled toys, etc.

16 Bands type frequency :
1.130-200MHz; (3W)
3.300-400MHz; (3W)
4.400-500MHz; (3W)
5.700-800mhz; (3W)
6.800-900mhz; (3W)
7.900-980mhz; (3W)
8.1050-1200MHz; (2W)
9.1200-1390MHz; (2W)
10.1500-1600mhz; (3W)
11.1700-1800MHz; (3W)
12.1800-2000Mhz; (3W)
13.2100-2199MHz; (3W)
14.2300-2400Mhz; (2W)
15.2400-2500mhz; (2W)
16.2500-2700MHz; (2W)

1.Each of 16 frequency module/band is separate and adjustable.
2.All 16 Frequency modules we can mix very flexible, Any combinations and customizations of frefe
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