Intermittent Label Printing Machine-WJLZ-350

Product ID: WJLZ-350

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A)Adopt shuttling printing mode which realizes one-roller-to-print-all size of the label.
B)The shaftless control system precisely controls the servo motor to make the machine work under its best status.
C)Unique inking design system reaches a super printing effect in which the streak trouble and ghost images are efficiently avoided.
D)Unique pressure regulating design enables no pressure re-regulation while doing plate cleaning or changing which solves the problem of color differences due to uneven pressure.
E)Patented Cassette type plate unloading design makes the unloading of the plate roller easy and fast ( 2-4 seconds).
F)The machine designing makes it caters a wider range of the paper such as laminated, thermal or corona paper.
G)The machine can also be equipped with flexo, UV varnishing, back printing and roll to roll die-cutting stations which makes the machine caters a wider range of customer demands and enhance the competitiveness of the printer.
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