Swelling waterstop

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Swelling waterstop, also called hydrophilic waterstop, is made from rubber waterstop and swelling waterstop bars. So it not only has the features of rubber waterstop, but its sealing and waterproofing performance is also better than that of rubber waterstop. Swelling waterstops are easy and fast to install. It is widely used for various concrete structures, such as dams, bridges, tunnels, culverts, basements, foundations, water reservoirs, swimming pools, water & waste water treatment plants and underground engineering.
Because swelling waterstop is made from rubber waterstop and swelling waterstop bars, swelling waterstops are manufactured in different types like rubber waterstops, such as ribbed with center bulb, split ribbed with center bulb, flat ribbed, split ribbed, dumbbell with center bulb, split dumbbell with center bulb, dumbbell, split dumbbell, base seal and tear web.
Features of swelling waterstop:

Excellent sealing and waterproof performance.
Excellent flexibility

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