rectangular water storage tank

rectangular water storage tank

Rectangular sectional water tank made of stainless steel

Product ID: Iceberg

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Modular (sectional) bolted water tanks are produced of cylindrical and rectangular shapes. We have standard sizes but also produce by customers order.
Main distinctive features of these reservoirs are the follows:
- structure is designed in such way that complete watertightness of the tank is provided without using polimeric liners;
- unique design of sealing gasket, due to which stored in the tank product doesn contact with a gasket, only with stainless steel.
- excluding supporting frame and external strengthening angle bars, all external and internal elements of reservoir are made of stainless steel, including whole reservoirs body, ladders, branch pipies, hatches, manholes, internal pillars, ridgepoles and external sheathing.

Due to unique design and stainless steel properties, “Iceberg” water tanks provide not only stunning durability, but also unsurpassed hygiene.
Main scope - for potable water storage, but also can be used for other different liquids and bulk product

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