economic auto BGA rework station

economic auto BGA rework station

Easy operation 110V BGA rework station WDS-620 automatic bga soldering machine for mobile phone motherboard reballing

Product ID: WDS-620 bga rework

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1.automatic bga soldering machine:Yes
2.Power supply:AC 110V/220V±10% 50/60Hz
3.Total power:Max 5300W
4.Heater power:Upper 1200W,second 1200W,IR 2700W
5.Electrical material:Driving motor+PLC smart temp.controller+color touch screen
6.Temperature controlling:(high precision K-sensor)(Closed Loop),independent temp.controller,the precision can reach ±1℃
7.Locating way:V shape slot,PCB support jigs can adjust,laser light do fast centering and position
8.PCB size:Max 400×390mm Min 10×10 mm
9.Applicable chips:Max 80×80mm Min 1×1 mm
10.Overall dimension:L650×W630×H850mm
11.Temperature Interface:1 pcs
12.Weight of machine:60KG
Where WDS-620 can be used?
1. Smart phone /iPhone/iPad repair;
2. Notebook/ Laptop /Computer/Macbook /PC repair;
3. XBOX 360/PS2/ PS3/PS4 Wii and so on video game consoles repair;
4. Othe LED/SMD/SMT/IC BGA rework;
5. BGA VGA CPU GPU soldering desoldering;
6.BGA chips,QFP QFN chip,PC,PLCC PSP PSY rework
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