WDS-650 hot auto BGA repair station

WDS-650 hot auto BGA repair station

110V popular around the world WDS-650 automatic welding machine bga, mobile phone solder and desolder machine

Product ID: WDS-650 bga repair

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1.Auto Solder and Desolder the bga chips,dont need use joystick-----Easy to operate
2.High precision optical alignment system------Rework Success Rate 99%+
3.High definition industrial Camera + Laser position + 15 inch LCD Monitor (**We can add a side camera to view the chips melting process,just as your request**)-----Flexible to adjust the machine design
4.Heating Zone (IR Area) is good for Laptop,Mobile Phone,PS3 XBOX360,PCB Board,dont damaged the board------Wide application
Total power:5100W
Upper heating power:1200W
Lower heating power:Second temp zone 1200W,Third temp zone2700W
Power supply:(Single Phase)AC 110V/220V±10 50Hz±3 5.2KVA
Overall dimension:L880×W880×H720mm ( not include the display holder)
Locating way:V-shaped groove,PCB holder can adjust any direction of X,Y
Temperature controlling:(high precision K-sensor)(Closed Loop),UP and down can test the temperature independently
Large PCB size:450×430mm
Small PCB size:10×10mm
Chip zoom multiple:2-50 multiple
  • CE&ISO

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