men\s health

men\s health

Manufacturing Pure Pumpkin Seed Oil Natural Refined Health Care Product Food Grade Phosphoric Acid

Product ID: PUM001

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Pumpkin seed oil is known as "male protection of God", fatty acid, rich in essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, minerals rich in zinc, is now recognized as a high-end vegetable oil.

Pumpkin seed oil contains bioflavonoids extract pure natural, which creates to the male prostate hypertrophy of urgency, burning pain, blood in the urine has special efficacy.

There are natural hormones - oil pumpkin, and with human hormones, can effectively enhance the ability of malehormones, protect prostate health.

Pharmaceutical stuff;
Functional food and food additive;
Cosmetics additive;
  • ISO
  • GMP
  • QS

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