CCTV Telescopic Mast And 8m Vertical mounted Telescopic Tower And PTZ Tower

Product ID: CCTV Telescopic Mast

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Product Description
We are the manufacturer who is specialized in manufacturing the various pneumatic telescopic masts for different applications.
The height is from 1m(3.2feet) – 32m(105feet)
The top payload is from 1kgs (2.2lbs) – 450kgs(992lbs.)

Our mast is made of light weight ,high strength 6063 aluminium alloy . The surface coating is hard anodized treatment that improves the surface hardness, anti-corrosion strength, and longer lifetime.
The working temperature of the mast is -55°C~ +80°C

The scope of application
Our products are widely used in CCTV, Firetruck , Trailer , Cabin,Shelter, Center command vehicle, Military application, Antenna, Mobile Communication Tower ,Mobile Cell site Broadcasting ,field and etc
Our locking mast can support more than 450kgs(992lbs.)

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