14.5 m golf course lamp pole

Product ID: 14.5 m golf course

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Technical parameters
model: XD-T6-215-3300-14500
the max height:5m±100mm;
the initial height:3m±10mm;
outer diameter 229mm,inner diameter 110mm;
self weight :180KG;
the vertical bearing capacity:160kg(off center less than50mm)(include all the top installed equipment weight like antenna, installing bracket etc );
lifting speed:≤2m/min;
working mode:pneumatic;
the steady wind speed:8 grade wind ;
limited wind speed:12grade(need wind rope to fix);
oscillating quantity in the steady wind speed:≤±0.3°(17m/s wind speed);
angle twist:±5°(torque less than 20Nm);
voltage: 220V 50Hz
motor power:750W(stopped when the mast finished lift)
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