Endless Conveyor Belt

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Brand Name: xiongtePlace of Origin: China
Endless conveyor belt shall produce the conveyor belt into non-joint endless conveyor belt during production. The features include belt core without joint, no obvious joint defects on rubber belt surface, even tensile force, so rubber belt can be smoothly delivered, low service elongation, the service lift will not be impacted due to damages of the joint in early period. Belt core of endless conveyor belt is made id high quality pure cotton or nylon weaving canvas, generally,2-6 layers pr NN-200 type nylon canvas(or polyester canvas) as force layer.

Length of Endless Conveyor Belt and Limit Deviation:
Length 20 ±0.5% of belt length
Our company can be according to client requirements produce ordinary, heat resistant(≤120℃), cold resistant (not less than-40℃), acid alkaline Resistant, high temperature resistant (not more than 180℃) and sanitary conveyor belt with proper length, widt
  • ISO
  • GB/T7984-2013
  • DIN22102
  • AS1332-2000

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