Nylon Conveyor Belt

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Brand Name: xiongtePlace of Origin: China
In addition to general use, there are oil resistant,acid alkaline resistant,cold resistant,static electricity conducting and other types.
Nylon canvas is used as skeleton, the structure is same to ordinary conveyor belt, having light and thin belt body, strong force, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, good groove forming property, long service life and other characteristics. Widely applied in force type conveyor belt line with long distance and heavy-load.

Technical requirements: implement GB/T7984-2013 standard

1. Interlayer Adhesive Strength:
Item Between fabric Between covering layer and belt core
Thickness of covering layer
≤ 1.5mm Thickness of covering layer
≥ 1.5mm
Average value of all test samples 4.5 N/mm 3.2 N/mm 3.5 N/mm
Note: Maximum value of all sample should not exceed 20N/mm
2. Technical of Product Specifications:
Fabric structure Fabric materials Fabric NO.of fabric layer Wid
  • ISO
  • GB/T7984-2013
  • DIN22102
  • AS1332-2000

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