Cold Resistance Conveyor Belt

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Brand Name: xiongtePlace of Origin: China
Technical requirements: implement HG3647-1999 standard

Product characteristics: fabric core is used as casing ply, covered rubber is made is both butane rubber and natural rubber,having characteristics of high elasticity, small compression permanent deformation and excellent cold resistant. Able to be used in the environment below 45℃, Suitable for northern regions with low temperature.

Technical indicator: cold resistant conveyor belt can be divided into cracking type(H), resistance to wear (D) and general type(L) according to performance of covered rubber;and divided into levels C1 and C2 according to cold resistance performance.

Working environment temperature: -45℃~50℃;-60℃~50℃

Technical of Product Specifications:
Item Indicator
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥14
Breaking elongation % ≥350
Abrasion value (mm) ≤200
Tensile cold resistance coefficient (-45℃) ≥0.3

Packaging & Delivery
Packing :Acco
  • ISO
  • GB/T7984-2013
  • DIN22102
  • AS1332-2000

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