Acid Resistance Conveyor Belt

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Brand Name: xiongtePlace of Origin: China
Technical requirements: implement HG/T3782-2005 standard

This kind of product is suitable for the acid and alkali contact condition.Eg:producing the phosphoric fertilizer,abstracts salt from sea water. The covering rubber is the mixture of rubber and plastic and filled with acid resistant and alkali resistant inter materials. Which is much better than LDR acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt. The frame Material is polyester,is more reliable and more acid and alkali resistant than the cotton Canvas core belt. Generally it is made into endless type.

Cover Physical Properties:
Item Tensile strength Elongation at break (%) Abrasion value (mm³) Hardness(A) +10-5
Before aging properties ≥14.0 ≥400 ≤250 60
After aging properties ≥12.0 ≥340 --- 65
Note: when the cover thickness is 0.8`1.6mm, the test sample thickness will be the max thickness.At this present, tensile strength and elongation are
  • ISO
  • GB/T7984-2013
  • DIN22102
  • AS1332-2000

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