WiFi Electronic Management Kit

Product ID: 372983907

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Please note the EMK can be used for both Flyboard® and Hoverboard by ZR®

It is a requirement by the manufacturer that all users must spend a minimum of 20 hrs on the Flyboard® or Hoverboard by ZR® in duo flight mode before using the EMK.

Technical specs :

o Works in the air, and underwater for 3 seconds (to allow dolphin dive).

o 5 Levels available – Level 1 to 4 cuts instantly when the hand trigger is in the water

o Smart brain engine – regulates RPM to allow constant flight height regardless of Jet Ski brand.

o Quick and easy installation: brain engine can be bolted anywhere in the Jet Ski, thanks to its long cables / plug in the positive and the negative on the battery / clamp 2 cables / No need to cut the beam wires

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