High quality far infrared heaters

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Size  1000*600*20mm
Power and voltage 700 Watts, 110V-220V/50Hz
Surface temperature 70-90°C
Conversion efficiency 98%
Life expectancy ≥100,000H
Frame White or Sliver Aluminum or pvc
Heating area 7-10 sq.m
Over-heat Protection Yes
1. Energy-saving
It can be used together with temperature controller to form infrared radiant heating system. According to the temperature needs of the user, the temperature in each room can be freely adjusted. When the indoor temperature reaches the preset temperature, the heating system will automatically stop and the heat accumulator begins to emit heat so as to maintain the preset temperature for a long time, saving energy and power.
2. Environmental protection
Its energy is electricity so that is very environmental.
3. Safety and comfortable
It won explode or emit odor, wind or noise.
4. Long life expectancy
It can be used more than 50 years.
5. Health care
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