Outdoor SMD Die-casting Full Color LED Display

Outdoor SMD Die-casting Full Color LED Display

Real Front Maintenance Design——Outdoor SMD Die-casting Full Color LED Display

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1.Super thin and seamless splicing visual effect
12kg for each cabinet,convenient for transportation and installation,effectively saving labor cost and
improving efficiency;
CNC processing die-casting cabinet;

2.Fast installation
No tools needed and only several minutes you can finish the installation due to the
design of fast speed spin-lock on the side;

3.Front Maintenance
All the parts (modules, power, and board card) can be easily maintained from the
front side of the screen, perfectly solving the problem of limited space and difficult
maintenance for hoisting cabinets;

4.High reliability
IP67 modules;
No fan design,saving cost due to lower power consumption and fewer malfunctions;
No messy connection wires exposed outside and wires are distributed
inside the cabinets in case of suffering destruction from humidity, pests,
fire and other dangers, ensuring the stability and extending life span
of the screen.
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