Stainless Steel casting

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Stainless steel precision casting or called investment casting, lost wax casting process, it can produce the more accuracy, good surface quality products, which is better than other casting methods, but also can produce the more complex products. Meanwhile, it can apply to all types of alloy material.Stainless Steel Precision casting products are widely used in machinery, shipbuilding, construction, plumbing, oil, chemicals, textiles, metal and other industries.

Surface treatments: mirror polished, brushed polished, sandblasted, Electropolishing and so on.
Casting linear dimensional tolerances refer to Germany VDG P690 or ISO 8062 CT7.
The Surface Roughness:1.6-3.2Ra / um.
Material Standard: according to customer requirements by ASTM, AISI, ISO, GB, DIN and other standards.
Testing equipment: direct reading spectrometer, mechanical properties of materials testing, low-temperature impact testing, tolerance testing.

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