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Foam baldder tanks can be formed to high, medium and low expansion foam extinguishing system with high and medium and low expansion foam generator, air foam spray gun and so on. The system is widely used in foam fire extinguishing system, such as chemical industrial enterprises, port and dock, large oil storage, airport oil storage, oil or fuel power plants, boiler room, dangerous goods storage, chemical warehouses and so on.

Foam bladder tanks is made from tank, bladder, pressure-type proportioner, safety valves, control valves, level gauge and a lot of ancillary components. Pressed water is divided into two parts according to a certain ratio(1: 99 or 3: 97 or 6: 94), 99%(97% or 94%) of the pressed water flow to the Proportioner, and 1%(3% or 6%) of the pressed water flow to the interlayer between tank and bladder, the water in interlayer will push foam concentrate in bladder into Proportioner. Foam concentrate will be injected into pressed water that flows through the proportione
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