YL-S70  single axis robotic arm

YL-S70 single axis robotic arm

single axis robot arm

Product ID: YL-S70

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1 axis robot arm spec
1.Speedy acceleration and firm structure
2.Wide-ranging application available.
3.Easy operation and maintenance
4.Small volume, high-precision.
5.low price with adaptive abilities of various working environments.
6.Suitable for being installed on the platform directly to serve as the actuating executing mechanism.
Series: Good rigidity, competitive price and short lead time. Screws can be installed in the T-shaped screw nuts at arbitrary sliding distance at the base; Used in the general environment; Precision Semi-enclosed Ball Screw; PMI ball screw with C7 Class and guide rail, Repeatability positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Applications and typ
Mainly used in screw fastening, ink painting, handling transfer (such as stamping parts, lathe parts, die casting, injection molded parts, and so on), glue, IC stacking, polishing, welding, loading, handling, dispensing, Palletizing, drilling, tapping, speed, precision, accuracy and oth

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