cloth like baby diapers

cloth like baby diapers

Best Disposable Baby Diapers Cloth-like Backsheet from China

Product ID: BDCL001

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Surface Materials: Cloth-like Backsheet + Velcro Tape + Elastic Waist + ADL + Wetness Indicator + Leak Guard + Forntal Waist Band

Product Features 
1. Elastic Waist Band flex freely along with baby movement. Velcro Tapeallows for secure refastening, provide baby the most fit prevent leakage protection.
2. Bring more softness comfortable feeling for babies, keep dry and natural, and enable baby move freedom.
3. Cloth-Like backsheet allows fresh air to circulate and rapidly away moisture.
4. Updated R&D four layers absorbent system, absorb moisture fleetly, wetness is locked in diaper and prevent from rewet, remains dry and comfortable for baby.
5. Formfitting design avoid side leakage effectively even wear on active baby.
6. Adopt softness cottony materials, rapid absorbency to keep skin dry & comfy & nature.
7. Super excellent breathable function, remain baby skin dry and super comfortable.
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • SGS
  • FDA

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