Security custom hologram hexagon sticker

Security custom hologram hexagon sticker

Security hologram sticker

Product ID: YT00001

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Detailed Product Description

1、 multichannel hologram(up to 5-6 layers)
2、 2D-3D three dimension hologram
3、 Hologram with running numbers
4、 micro text beneath logo or any other image
5、 dot matrix hologram

1. Different patterns come out when watching from different angles.
2. Hologram produces true color like rainbow.
3. Various designs, shapes, color, sizes are all available to customize.
4. Environmentally friendly in material and printing ink.
5. Our products are highly difficult anti-counterfeiting products, they are in high quality and upscale vision.

1. Material: self-adhesive paper, transparent PP/PVC/PET/PC/BOPP/PE, etc
2. Surface: Glossy varnish, UV spot, gold/silver stamping foil, matte lamination etc
3. Color: various kinds of color of PET foils are available, it is up to client.
4. Dimension: Up to clients
5. Application: Various industries
6. Image/Shape: Based on clients requirements
7. MOQ: 10000pcs
8. Delivery: We

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