Crystal Foil for Genuine Leather & Fabric in Decorative Material

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Heat transfer film is the dielectric material of thermal process, the main material is PET, through warming up the heat transfer foil, will transfer the adornment layer to print on the surface of the base materials and genuine leather, such as pig skin, cow skin, sheep skin, nubuck, yanbuck, suede, similar suede fabric best to make shoes, clothes, bags and so on. Crystal stamping foil uses PET as a base foil, coated with release layer, and adhesive layer.

Crystal transfer stamping is mainly applied to PVC leather, PU leather, genuine leather, synthetic leather, and fabric. It is a universally decorative material can be extensively available to many areas. Crystal stamping foil is a new kind of surface finishing material, without using spary adhesive also need not curing and drying process.

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