Centrifugal small aquarium electric water pump manufacturer1.5m

Product ID: Zp1-420

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1.Pump material:ABS
2.Rated Voltage :12vdc
3.Power consumption:5.0w
4.Max rated current :0.42A
5.Max static head:1.0M(3.2ft)
6.Dimension of outlet :16mm
7.Fluids:Fresh and salt Water
8.Max working temp:60 Celsius
9.Max static water flow:600L/H
10.Condition of use :Submersible
11.Max flow rate:10L/MIN(2.64G/MIN)
12.Size and weight:71.5mm*70mm*50mm;0.42kg
13.Driving method :Brushless, Permanent Magnetic
  • CE/ISO-9000

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