Micro water pump for electric solar aquarium pump 0.37kg 2.0m

Product ID: Zp1-550

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1.DC12V, low-voltage, safe, NO.1 aquarium submersible pump in china.
2.100% copper motor, brushless, non-pollution, small size with high efficient ,long life span.
3.super energy saving 50%.
4.Small size, high efficiency, maintenance-free, low consumption, strong anti-jamming ability, stable performance.
5.Adopt silicone foot to absorb vibration &reduce noise,easy for installation.
6.Stator and control circuits are completely sealed by epoxy resin completely separated with rotor, waterproof, avoided water-leakage problem which long exists in normal DC motor pump products.
7.Protection functions can be customized such as lock protection, dry-run protection and so on.
8.Reduced the mortality to 0.05% after long-time study by R&D dep.
9.Suitable for submersible installation.
10.Offer ODM serve for pump and other controller system.
  • CE/ISO-9000

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