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The main function of magnesium oxide in medicine is making antacids, laxatives, to neutralize acid faster, stronger, and lasting, which will not produce carbon dioxide, then protect ulcers.

Appearance Fine, White powder
Identification Reaction of magnesium
Content calculated as MgO 98.0-100.5%
Solubility Water insoluble, dissolve in dilute acid with slight effervesce
Soluble Substances 2.0% max
Substances insoluble in acid 0.1% max
Chlorides 0.1% max
Sulfates 1.0% max
Arsenic 4 ppm
Calcium 1.5% max
Iron 0.07% max
Heavy Metals 30ppm max
Bulk Density 0.15g/ml max
Loss on ignition 8.0% max
  • ISO9001

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