carbide ball and seat

carbide ball and seat

Tungsten Carbide Ball and Seat

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Tugsten carbide ball&seat


Tungsten carbide ball&seat, made from virgin raw materials, have high hardness, wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, and resistance to bending.
Theyre widely used in oil&gas,bearings,ball screws,valves and flow meters.pen,spraying machines,pump,machinery parts and other industries.
We provide standard API type, such as V11, V12 series, and also we can made from your special drawing.
--Superior wear resistance
--High hardness and mechanical strength
--Good corrosion resistance
--High precision for tolerance

Grades recommend.

Grade Binder (Wt %) Density (g/cm3) Hardness (HRA) TRS (≥N/mm²)
YG6 6 14.9 90.5 2100
YG8 8 14.7 89.0 2250
YG11 11 14.5 88.5 2600
YG13 13 14.2 87.5 2650

YG15 15 14.0 87.0 2750
YG20 20 13.5 85.5 2850

Company info.
Zhuzhou Hongtong, a professional Chinese manufacturer of tungsten carbide products. We supply tungsten carbide ball/seat, seal ring,plate,stri
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