Fully transparent optical bioreactor

Fully transparent optical bioreactor

Fully transparent optical bioreactor(50-1000L)

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Technical parameters:
1, the whole volume of 300L. Effective volume of 220L
2, material: a reactor as a PC material (polycarbonate), and 90% transmittance
3.Light system: daytime natural light can be used at night using LED cold light source, both inside and outside the irradiation. Light intensity 1000-30000LX (adjustable)
4, complement the carbon system: gas ratio (accuracy of ± 1%) gas supply, make up carbon dioxide, the concentration of 0-10%
5 Deaerator system: with a special atomizing nozzles, oxygen discharged by independent outtake
6, webbed wheel system: driven by a DC motor webbed round to promote the runway algae solution forward
7, monitoring and control system: programmable controller PLC, the use of cash, respectively, to control the following parameters, automatic control of temperature range 20-45 ° C, pH monitoring range 12pH dissolved oxygen detection range of 0-200%, webbed wheel speed 50-150rpm and can be digital display, touch screen operation.

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