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* The runner works by being heavily pushed with jet flow that is switched through injection nozzle from high-pressure pipe. The feature is that is works by impulsing the runner to rotate with kinetic energy of water flow, and the jet center of nozzle and the runner are in the same plane.
* It is divided into vertical type and horizontal type two kinds. Horizontal type each has 1-2 runner, each runner has 1-2 nozzle, vertical type each has only one runner, each runner has 2-4 nozzles.
* Single- double-, four-, five- or six-jet design available Horizontal or vertical shaft arrangements Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance 2 or 4 bearing gen-set arrangements.
* Developed for use in demanding application with debris-containing water, optimized jet and runner design for highest efficiencies, nozzle control either electrically or hydraulically.
* This kind of turbine shall be of compact structure, reliable works and convenient operation.
* Runner cast from high grade,
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