Portable Multimedia GSM GPS

Product ID: MSD-901

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MSD-901 is a GPS mobile service terminal which was newly designed and developed by CASTEL Wireless, it integrated GPS

positioning, global communication, geographical information, intelligent control in one with call center navigation,

automatic navigation, communication function available as well as providing the location based value added service.

1. Embed with FreescaleIMx31–ARM 11high speed processor, main frequency is532 MHz
2. Quad‐band GSM/GPRS module for global use
3. Support USB OTG (On‐The‐Go)
4. GPRS/EDGE channel to build up the data transmission mode of the service center
5. RS232 port is available which could be used for connecting with external accessories and obtain data.
6. High Resolution camera: Picture capturing and driving recording
7. New style base design for steadily fixing the device.
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